Drempel bij de belastingdienst?

Geldt hiervoor geen drempel bij de Belastingdienst? Nee, hiervoor geldt geen drempel. Deze regeling is juist zo opgezet om het extra aantrekkelijk temaken

Other questions?

Do not hesitate to ask further questions! You can either drop by during practice every tuesday and thursday or simply write us an email: Dames@maastrichtrugby.nl

What are my chances of getting hurt?

Rugby is a physical sport. Every contact sport has its injuries. We will teach you the proper techniques and physical stamina to reduce the chances of injury (don’t forget your mouthguard).

How much time will it take?

Part of the school/college/university is growing as a individual and accepting responsibility for your classwork. In school/college/university you have many distractions and time management is of the utmost importance. We have regular mandatory practices every Tuesday...