Other questions?

Do not hesitate to ask further questions! You can either drop by during practice every tuesday and thursday or simply write us an email: Dames@maastrichtrugby.nl

What are my chances of getting hurt?

Rugby is a physical sport. Every contact sport has its injuries. We will teach you the proper techniques and physical stamina to reduce the chances of injury (don’t forget your mouthguard).

How much time will it take?

Part of the school/college/university is growing as a individual and accepting responsibility for your classwork. In school/college/university you have many distractions and time management is of the utmost importance. We have regular mandatory practices every Tuesday...

Why should I play Rugby?

Rugby is a sport that is intense in many ways. The social and sportive experiences made often produce long-lasting friendships and creates a unique team spirit from within. Hence, rugby is a good way to develop contacts socially and to make friends. Rugby also...

Who do we play against?

We play against women’s rugby teams from all over the Netherlands and Eugerio Maas-Rhein. The Ma,r,grieten team mainly consists of young students but most other teams we play against are a wild mix of women of different age, size and background.