The game against Oemoemenoe in Middelburg, Zeeland started at 11:00. We had to leave at 7:45 in the morning to be on time for the warm up and the game. It was a bit rainy when we arrived. We played 14 vs 14 in the game.
The first half went very well and we took the lead immediately. Very quickly we made the first try. They tried to catch up but we stayed in the lead the whole game.There were quite a lot of knock-ons and scrums and line-outs, and we won almost all of them. We made a lot of tackles and almost everything went well.
The second half just as good and we even made more tries. No one got injured. It was a fun and fair game; the final score was  37-17.
This was the first match of the second phase of season. Ross, Daan and Keelan earned their Maastricht Rugby ties because it was the fifth league game they played this season.
Special thanks to the players of Oemoemenoe for their excellent game and sportsmanship. They were to strong and not easy to beat. Also thanks to the referee and the linesmen.
The soup and buns our hosts served after the game were excellent as well. Looking forward to seeing you in Maastricht for the return game.
Team player of the day: Finn Berghs
Defender of the day: Keelan
Verslag: Finn Berghs