The home game against Haagsche Rugby Club (HRC) kicked off at Sportpark West at 11:30. It was a nice
and shiny day. We played 13 vs 13.

The first half went okay, but the visitors smartly found the open space at the flanks a lot. They scored
their first try within minutes. We tried to catch up but we just didn’t succeed. HRC stayed in the lead the
whole game and extended their lead quickly. Even though we made a lot of tackles we couldn’t keep up.

The second half went better and eventually we managed to score our first try of the game. No one got
injured. It was a fun and fair game; the final score was 5-86. But most importantly: we never gave up.
This was the second game of the second phase of the season.

Alex got his Maastricht Rugby tie because he played his fifth league game for our U14 squad this season.
Kudo’s to the players and staff of Haagsche Rugby Club for their excellent game and sportsmanship. They
were too strong and were just unbeatable today.

Also thanks to the referee and the linesmen, and a special thank you to Mike Walker for coaching our
team through the game. Well done to Lulu for solid captainship.

Team player of the day: Alex
Defender of the day: Ross

Reporter: Finn Broekhuizen