The game against Tovaal in Goes, Zeeland started at 11:00. This meant that we had to leave at
08:00 to be there on time for the 10:00 warm-up. We had 11 players and therefore no
substitutes. It was a nice day, very cold but the sun was shining and it was dry. Tovaal loaned
us one of their players so we played 12 vs. 12.
The first half didn’t go very well because the sun was shining towards us and the wind was also
against us. Very quickly they made the first try and somehow we could not catch up. There were
not many fouls, not many knock-ons and our scrums were 6 vs. 6 and went very well. We did it
to balance out the players in the line. We were powerful in the scrums but we missed a lot of
tackles therefore the Tovaal players kept scoring tries.
The second half went a bit better and we made a few more tackles, but still couldn't manage to
score many tries. The scrums in the second half also were very strong, one of Tovaal’s players
got injured in the scrum meaning they had to switch for someone else. A lot of people got
injured towards the end of the match so we became a bit weak in the end. We still managed to
make 1 try and save our honor and we did our best and we all had fun in the end, despite the
huge loss (final score 89-5). Because this was the fifth match of the season we finally earned
our Maastricht rugby ties! So next time we go to a game we can wear it with pride.
Congratulations to the players of Tovaal for their excellent game and sportsmanship. This time
they were to strong but we might be able to win from them next time. Also thanks to the referee
and the linesmen.

Team player of the day: Mr. Laas
Defender of the day: Davi

Go Mambas!