Student rugby

Rugby is fast growing and hugely popular amongst students, members of UM Sports get a discount on their club subscription fee. 

Since 1989 Maastricht has been the home of the Maraboes, the infamous student association the today forms the social centre of the senior part of the club. Similarly Maastricht Rugby is the home of the Ma.R.Grieten, the parallel association for the ladies.

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What do I need to know?

If you’re not Dutch, and have registered with a club outside of the Netherlands, you need to fill in a clearance form. These are available from the clubhouse after training.

How does this work?

Subscriptions are payed using an online tool called ClubCollect, it allows you to split up your payments and keeps a record of who pays and how. Its an invoicing tool, not a debt collector. Once signed up you’ll receive an email inviting you to register with ClubCollect, from there, simply follow the instructions!